Security Advice for Gold Jewelry, Diamonds, and Gemstones

For you to experience your treasures, they need to be someplace near and accessible, but NOT within the Bedside Jewelry Box.

Although we DO suggest a Jewelry Box at the Dresser and without difficulty seen, BUT ONE CONTAINING SEVERAL PIECES OF JUNK JEWELRY. It is a properly documented truth that Burglars nearly ALWAYS check the Bedroom First knowing that human beings hide things there.

In widespread phrases we’ve located, through HUGE quantities of studies, (Please don’t write and ask us how we realize such matters) that your common Crim or Thug, doesn’t know the difference between Gold or Plated items, Diamonds or Shiny pebbles of Glass.

In the dimly lit beam of a torch, a handful of Jewelry, crammed into a pocket, stops them searching any similarly, and they depart without any extra damage.

If it seems like gold, it have to be gold… Right?

Well, NO! But this will work in OUR Favor.

So OCCASIONALLY buy that antique searching string of pearls (which we recognize are glass beads) from the nearby Op keep or Charity Church Bazaar, and salt it into your ‘attractive’ Junk gadgets within the Jewelry Box at the Dresser.

Costume Jewelry CAN look a Million Dollars. Old Brooches in a Base steel and containing a ‘Plastic’ Cameo, can experience and appear to be really worth all the trouble.

Help these poor humans out. Do the right aspect. Give them something to Steal, and they will go away you by myself, subsequent time.

But what approximately the Good Stuff?

If you do ‘Hide’ it someplace in your house there are more than one points we wish to talk about. Firstly: tell a depended on or near relative where they may be.

Too many human beings hide matters after which forget wherein they placed them. Over the years it slips from reminiscence and after they ‘Cross Over’ as John Edwards would say, they get tossed out with the relaxation of the rubbish never to peer light of day once more. Shame – Shame – Shame. Please tell a person.

Don’t cover the items in severe temperatures.

It has regarded that over the past decade or so, a few people were hiding matters within the Freezer. This is NOT advocated as Gold and Silver items can also live to tell the tale, but some gemstones are positive to go through.

Opal as an instance includes a first-rate amount of water in their chemical make up. Freeze opal and you’ll NOT have anything with colour left after a very short whilst. Pearls too, and most of the softer ‘Organic’ gem stones like Coral or Ivory or Amber will all be broken by using this manner.

The Kitchen is a great vicinity to hide matters, as is the Laundry.

We have had a few clients (buddies of ours) who cover matters within the Children’s Toy room. As lengthy because it can not be observed or performed with by the Kids, it’s miles secure.

If you come home someday and the Darling Little Ones are carrying your first-class Diamond Jewelry, possibilities are you failed to conceal it nicely sufficient. Under the Lego pieces, simply would not cut it.

Regardless of whether you have your objects hidden or in a ‘Safety Deposit’ fashion box or wall safe and so on, you ought to still insure your gadgets.

We have stated this earlier than, so in case you’re no longer positive, please examine the advice on ‘Selling your Jewelry’ or pass direct to the Online Jewelry Appraisal Centre for extra facts (address shown under).

As a final lodge, it is comforting to know that if your treasures are lost or stolen, you can retrieve an correct description and unique specs from a safe area OUTSIDE of your Home or Work.

One of the strengths of the ‘Do-it-Yourself’ Online Jewelry Self Appraisal device, is understanding your info are stored in a at ease extraweb database that only you can get entry to 24/7 from everywhere within the international.

We might hate to have Fire, Flood or Earthquake rip aside your world in greater ways than one. After the event is NO time to get a Certificate achieved, and at this sort of low fee (much less than the charge of a Big Mac and Coke) is a tiny fee to pay to make sure your details are included.

Any right Manufacturing Jeweler need to be capable of remake an EXACT replica of your treasures way to the unique descriptions in the Kit. Even in case your Certificate changed into misplaced or destroyed, we are able to ALWAYS get you some other replica and bring your Engagement or Wedding Ring back to life.

There are numerous different SPECIAL REPORTS to be had thru our eMail-on-Demand subscription container on the internet site, so please make the effort to go to.

There is a well timed caution on Security issues. It’s properly advice, plus there’s some splendid pointers on Investing in Jewelry, Insurance hints and different notes on selling, Hallmarking hints and many others, and they are being brought to all the time.

And the pleasant bit is they’re FREE….

Thank you for taking the time to study this special document. If you idea it exciting, beneficial or found it helped you in any manner I could appreciate your comments via electronic mail at the cope with proven under.

This is my non-public e-mail deal with and I study every remark – right or awful.

Alternatively: why now not bypass it on to a pal. I’m certain you may consider a person who would possibly advantage from this beneficial information. Treat it as doing me a massive want. I will truely recognize it.

Regards and please watch the road. David Foard F.G.A.A. Fellow of the Gemological Association of Australia and former member of JATVC – The Valuers Council (retired).

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